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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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Of the proprium of the principle.   What the principle
is, or what they all three are.
1.  When life and movement appears, which pre-
viously existed not, a principle is present.   Fire is
a principle with its property, and light is also a
principle with its property, for it is generated from
fire, and yet is not the fire's property.    It has also
its own life in itself, but fire is cause thereof, and
the terrible anguish is a cause of both.
2.  But the will to anguish, which gives birth to
the anguishful nature, and which is called Father,
that it is impossible to search out.    We inquire
only how it brings itself into the highest perfec-
tion, into the being of the Holy Trinity;  and how
it manifests itself in three principles, and how the
essence of each source  arises;   what essence is,
whence life with the senses has its origin, and the
wonder of all beings.
3.  Thus, we recognize the third principle, or the
source of this world, with the stars and elements,
to be a creation from the marvels of the eternal
4.  The third principle manifests the first two,
though each is manifest in itself.    But the eternal
Being has willed in his wonders, which have been
beheld in wisdom, to manifest himself in such a
property, viz. according to the ground of eternity,