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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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has created all into a creaturely and figurative
being, evil and good according to the eternal origin.
As we plainly see that in this world there is evil and
good; of which, however, the devils are a great
cause, who in their creation have at the fall moved
more vehemently the fierce matrix in the wrath,
God having moved himself more exceedingly
according to the property of wrath, to cast them
forth out of light into the death of fierce wrath-
fulness ; whereby also the heavenly Essence was
moved, so that very much which stood in freedom
has become shut up in the earthly essence.
5.  As we see in gold and its tincture, which is
free from the earthly essence.    For it resists fire
and every quality, no quality can hold it in check,
but only God's will;  and that must come to pass
repeatedly by reason of the unworthiness of the
6.  And if we rightly consider the creation of this
world and the spirit of the third principle, viz. the
spirit of the great world with the stars and elements,
we find therein the property of the eternal world
as it were mixed, like unto a great marvel, whereby
God, the highest good, has willed to manifest and
bring into being the eternal wonders which existed
in mystery.
7.  We find good and evil, and we find in all
things the centrum naturae, or the torture-chamber.
But  we  find  especially the  spirit   of the  great
world in   two   sources,   viz.   in   heat   and   cold.
Here, by cold we understand the  centre  of the
sour sharp  fierceness, and by heat the principle