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and is an upholding of Nature, as well as of all the
properties of the Father.
12. The second Principle lies in light, as in the
fire of desire. This desire makes substance from
the property of the first principle.
18. The first and second principle are Father and
Son in eternity. One dwells in the other, and yet
each retains its property. There is no mixing in
the essence; but one receives the other in desire,
and the light dwells in the fire's desire, so that the
fire's property gives its desire to the light, and the
light to the fire.
14.  Thus there is one being and not two, but
two properties, whereof one is not tH other, nor
eternally can become so., As the spiiit's property
cannot be fire and light, and yet proceeds from
fire out of light, and could not subsist either from
fire or from light alone.    Fire alone could not give
it, neither could light, but the two give it.    It is
the life of both, and is one being only, but three
properties, whereof one is not the other, as is to
be seen in fire, light and air.
15.  The third Principle has just these properties.
It has also fire, light and spirit, that is, air;   and
is in all particulars like to the eternal Being.    But
it has a beginning, and proceeds from the Eternal;
it is a manifestation of the Eternal, an awakening,
image and similitude of the Eternal.    It is not the
Eternal;   but an essence has arisen in the eternal
Desire,  which  has manifested  itself therein  and
brought itself into a being like the Eternal.
16.  Reason says :   God has made this world out