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30                 SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS
property. But fire is the bound of separation
which satisfies the two eternal principles, darkness
and light. To the darkness it gives its sting and
the pang, and to the light its sensibility and life.
28.  So also the third Principle has two properties,
viz. heat and cold.    Heat is the principle, and gives
its sting and pang to the cold; and to the light
it gives life and sensibility.    The light in its turn
gives its substantiality to the fire,  so that it is
united amicably with it.    The cold gives also its
property and substantiality to the fire,  and the
fire breaks this, and makes from its substantiality
death and a dying.    There is always, therefore, an
enmity between heat and cold, and they are never
at one.
29.  But this they attain in their enmity, that
life buds through death;  for from heat and cold
arises the growth of the third principle (in which
we live outwardly).    From cold there comes fruit
out of the earth, as well as the body of all creatures,
and, in the elements, substance.    From heat there
comes in its contention life into the body of all
creatures and plants;  as also in the deep of the
elements it gives the spirit of the great world in
diversity of figures.    That is to say, where cold
makes substance, there heat makes a spirit.
30.  Thus is the Essence all in wrestling combat,
that the wonders of the eternal world may become
manifest in fragility, and that the eternal exemplar
in the wisdom of God may be brought into figures.
And that these models in the  eternal Magic, in
Mystery, may stand eternally to God's glory, and
for the joy of angels  and  men;  not  indeed  in