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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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being, that it may be eternally known what God
has wrought, and what he can and is able to do.
31.  For, after the dissolution of this world, there
remains in existence only what is eternal, as eternal
spirits with the eternal substantiality of their bodies,
together with the wonders wrought here, which
stand in figure magically, by which the spirits will
recognize the might and marvels of God.
32.  We are now to consider the principles with
their wonders.    These are all three none else than
the  one  God  in  his  wonderful works,  who  has
manifested himself by this world according to the
property of his nature.    And we are thus to under-
stand a threefold Being,  or three worlds in one
83. The first is the fire-world, which takes its
rise from the centrum naturae, and Nature from the
desiring will, which in eternal freedom has its
origin in the unground, whereof we have not nor
support any knowledge.
34.  And the second  is  the  light-world,  which
dwells in freedom in the unground, out of Nature,
but proceeds from the fire-world.    It receives its
life and sensibility from fire.    It dwells in fire, and
the fire apprehends it not.    And this is the middle
35.  Fire in the centrum naturae before its en-
kindling gives the dark world ; but is in its enkind-
ling in itself the world of light, when it separates
into light and leaves the centre in darkness, for it
is only a source in itself, and a cause of life.
36.  It has creatures, but they are of the same