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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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light were a pam. I5ut to tne taiien aevi
the principle were created in the world
to them the darkness is a pain, and fire *
or might, for it is their right life, although
to many properties, by virtue of the ccntrw
in accordance with that essence*
37.  The third world is the outer, in
dwell by the outer body with the exteri
and beings.    It was created from the ch
and also from the light-world, and there
evil and good, terrible and lovely.    Of this
Adam was not to eat,  nor imaginate i
but the three worlds Were to stand in hiir
that one might not comprehend the other,
himself.    For Adam was created from all
worlds, an entire image and similitude of
38.  But seeing he has eaten of evil and
introduced the outer into the middle,
must now break off from the middle ; and
tion takes place, in which the outer tni
into its aether, and the middle remains.
39.  Thus, if one see a right man, he ;
I see here three worlds standing, but no*
For the outer world moves by the outer
the outer body has no power to move
world ;  it has only introduced itself into
of light, whereby the light-world is beco
guished in man.   He has,  however,  rei
be the dark world in himself; and the 1
stands in him immoveable, it is in him
40.  But if he be a right man by the i