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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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perties. But the Light transforms the fierce wrath-
ful properties into a desire of love and joy. And
therefore the fire's essence and property is wholly
transformed in the Light, so that out of anguish
and pain comes a love-desire, out of the stinging
and raging a friendly sensible understanding.
45. For the Light kindles the essences with the
quality of love, so that they give from themselves
a growth in the property of the spirit: viz. a
friendly will, morality, virtue, piety, patience in
suffering, hope to be delivered from evil; con-
tinually speaking of God's wonderful works in
desire and joy, ringing forth, singing and rejoicing
in the works and wonders of God ; always desiring
to do right, to hinder evil and wickedness ; always
wishing to draw one's neighbour by love into the
world of light; fleeing from evil; always subduing
the evil affections with patience, in hope of being
released therefrom ; rejoicing in the hope of that
which the eyes see not and external Reason knows
not; continually pressing forth out of evil, and in-
troducing the desire into the divine Being; always
wishing to eat of God's bread.
46. These properties hath the new man who is
born again from the light-world. These are his
fruits, which the light-world continually brings forth
in him quite hiddenly to the old Adam, and continu-
ally mortifies the old Adam of this world, and is
always in combat with him. Which old Adam
must therefore follow the new man; in sooth like
a lazy ass wtyich is obliged to carry the sack, his
master continually lashing him on. Thus doth the