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must do what he would fain not do. What pertains
to the joy of this world were more acceptable to the
old ass ; but he must thus be the servant.
47.  Secondly, the principle has its growth,, and
gives its fruit to the third principle generally, viz,
to the spirit of the great world, so that the external
and internal turbo, are held in check.    It presses
through and gives fruitfulness;  it stays the fierce-
ness of the stars, and breaks the constellation of
the  spirits and also of the firmamental  heaven.
It resists the wrath of the devil and the devices
of wicked men, so far however as there are found
saints who are worthy of it.
48.  The third Principle has also its growth ;  and
therein were generated and created from what is
inward the stars and elements, which in this place
together with the sun are called the third principle.
For the two inward worlds, viz. the fire-world and
light-world,  have  manifested  themselves  by  the
third principle;   and all is mixed together, good
and evil, love and enmity, life and death.    In every
life there is death and fire;   also, contrariwise, a
desire of love, all according to the property of the
internal world.    And two kinds of fruit grow there-
from, evil and good; and each fruit has both pro-
perties.    They show themselves moreover in every
life in this world, so that wrath and the evil quality
are  always fighting  against  love,  each  property
seeking and bearing fruit.    What the good makes,
that the evil destroys;   and what the evil makes,
that the good destroys.    It is a perpetual war and
contention, for the properties of both the inward