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36                  SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS
principles are active externally; each bears and
produces fruit to the internal kingdom, each will
be lord.
49.  Cold, as the issue from the inward centre,
from the fierceness of death, will be lord, and be
continually shutting up in death ; it always awakens
the sting of death.   And heat, as the issue from the
right fire, will also be lord;   it would subdue and
consume all, and will be always crude or unfashioned,
without a body.    It is a spirit, and desires only a
spirit-life.    It gives sting to the cold, for oftentimes
it kills it, so that it must forego its right and sur-
render itself to the heat.
50.  In the same way the sun, or the light, will
also have reason and be lord.    It overcomes heat
and cold, for it makes in its lucid gentleness water,
and introduces in the light's spirit a friendly spirit,
viz. the air;  although fire gives the force of the
wind, and the sun the gentle spirit which is properly
called air.    It is indeed one, but has two properties,
one according to the fire, as a terrible uplifting, and
one according to the light, as a gentle life.
51.  The external principle is thus a perpetual
war and contention, a building and breaking ; what
the sun or the light builds, that the cold destroys,
and the fire consumes it entirely.
52.  In, this  struggle  its growth rises  in mere
combat and disunion;   the one draws out of the