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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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THE FIRST POINT                      87
possesses only the life of the third principle, both
its spirit and body are only this. And all that
moves in this world, and man by his spirit and
visible body in flesh and blood, is also only the fruit
of this same essence, and nothing else at all.
54.  But seeing he has in himself also the two
inward worlds (which give him the right under-
standing, discernment and disposition ;  which also
during this time of the earthly and elemental body
are in conflict with one another), let him therefore
take heed;  the world that he makes lord in him,
the same will eternally be lord in him.    During
this time he can break, and no farther.    When
the outward breaks, then all stands in its aether.
The soul is free, and is the punctum, and has the
understanding; it may incline whither it will, and
may support which principle it pleases; the aether
into which it enters, there it is eternally.
55.  And thus we understand the foundation of
the three principles (like as the tongue of the beam
of a balance); what God and eternity is and is able
to do, and what growth each principle gives from
itself, from its property, and how we are to investi-
gate the ground of Nature.
Thus the first part or point is completed.