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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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but many hellish worms according to th
of their constellation, and void of und<
As in this world there are irrational
worms, toads and serpents—so has also
such in the fierce wrathful world. For
to be creaturely, and is gone into a beii
the wrath-mirror also exhibited its wo
manifested itself.
9.  There is indeed no feeling  of p£
hellish worms, for they are of the same e
property.    It is their life, and is a nati
hidden to the outer world ;   but the Spi
who in all three principles is himself
in accordance with each property, he kn
reveals it to whom he will.
10.  If now we would say how the three
are united together,  we must place  £
middle as the highest force, which briiij
principle a satisfying life and a spirit that
There is, therefore, in the principles no
fire is the life of all the principles,—unde:
cause of life, not the life itself.    To th
gives its pang, viz. the sting, so that <3
itself in a life;  else the abyss were a st
gives it its fierceness, which is the life
and original condition of the abyss ;
were a still eternity and a nothing.
11.  And to the light-world fire give
essence, else there were no feeling nor lig
and all were only one.   And yet bey«
Nothing,  as an eye of  wonders that
itself, in which were  no understanding