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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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12.  And to the third principle, viz. to the king-
dom of this world, fire gives also its essence and
quality,  whereby  all  life  and growth  rises.    All
sense, and whatever is to come to anything, must
have fire.    There springs nothing out of the earth
without the essence of fire.    It is a cause of all
the three principles, and of all that can be named.
13.  Thus  fire makes  a union of all the three
principles, and is for each the cause of being.    One
^principle fights not against another, but the essence
of each desires only its own, and is always in
combat; and if that were not, then all were a
still nothingness. Each principle gives to the
other its power and form, and there is a perpetual
peace between them.
14.  The   dark  world   has  the  great   pain  and
anguish which gives birth to fire, so that the will
longs after freedom, and freedom longs after mani-
festation, viz.  after essences, and gives itself to
fierceness that it may thus manifest itself.    And it
is brought thus into fire, so that from fierceness and
freedom a fire arises.    It gives itself to fierceness
to swallow up in death;   but passes out of death
with the received essences into a sphere of its own,
as into a special world or source;   and dwells in
itself unapprehended by death and the dark world,
and is a light in itself.
15.  Thus are death and fierceness a mother of
fire,  also  a cause  of the light-world;    a cause,
moreover, of all the essence of the third principle,
a cause of all the essences in all lives.    How then