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46                 SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS
itself. Each form is hostile to the other, and not
only in man, but in all creatures; unless the forms
of life obtain a gentle, gracious lord, under whose
control they must be, who can break their might
and will. That is found in the Light of life, which
is lord of all the forms, and can subdue them all;
they must all give their will to the Light. And
they do it also gladly, for the Light gives them
gentleness and power, so that their harsh, stern,
bitter, anguishful forms are all transformed into
loveliness. They all give their will to the Light
of life, and the Light gives them gentleness.
4.  Plurality is thus transformed into unity, into
one will which is called the mind, and is the foun-
tain from which the one will is able to draw evil
and good.    This is done by imagination,  or by
representation of a thing that is evil or good ;  and
hence the thing's property is susceptible of the
same  property  in  the  life.    The  life's   property
seizes the property of the thing represented, be it
either a word or a work, and enkindles itself there-
with in itself.    It kindles also the other forms of
life therewith, so that they begin to qualify, and
every property burns in its source, either in love
or wrath, all according to the nature represented.
Whatever the imagination has seized, that it intro-
duces into the mind.
5.  We give you therefore to understand that
when the mind thus enkindles itself in .