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which reach after the spirit of the soul's will,
wherein is the noble image in which God reveals
himself, and introduce their enkindled fire there-
into. As you have a similitude of this in fire :
According to the matter in which it burns, such
a light does it give ; as is to be seen in sulphur
compared with wood, and in many things besides.
6.  We understand then by this, that whatever
nature and property the fire hath, such a property
getteth also the light and the power of the light.
7.  Seeing tljen our noble image of God stands in
the Light of life, in the soul's fire, it is highly recog-
nizable by us how the spirit of the soul's will or the
noble image is corrupted, and becomes enkindled
in the source of wrath, often also in the source of
love.    And we see here our great danger and misery,
and do rightly understand why Christ has taught
us patience, love and meekness, viz. that the soul's
fire kindle not itself in wrath, also that we give
not occasion to others to kindle their souls' fire
in wrath,  in  order that God's kingdom be not
8.  Herein we recognize our heavy fall, that Adam
has introduced into our souls' fire earthly matter,
which burns as often as a source is awakened in
the centre of the property of wrath.    We see thus
how we lie captive in God's wrath between anger
and love, in great danger.
9.  And we give you this highly to recognize.
You know, as we have set forth above and in all
our books, how from fire light proceeds as another
principle, and yet has the fire's property and power,