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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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And how the light is also desirous, and has a matrix
of longing desire, which makes itself pregnant in
desire with the power of the light, viz. with the
gentleness of the light; and in this pregnancy
lies the substance of the light, that is, in the pure
love of the Divine Nature.
10.  And then we have informed you how the
fire draws this substance into itself, uses it for its
light's essence, and swallows it up in itself, but gives
from the essence another spirit, which is not fire.
As  indeed  you see that  fire  gives two spirits :
One that is furious and consuming, consisting of
fierceness as property of the  first matter;   and
secondly, an air-spirit, which is the property of the
light's gentleness.
11.  We are now to consider in what matter fire
burns in the first essence.    In whatever it has
kindled itself, in love or anger, that is, in earthly
or divine desire, such a fire it is, and gives also such
a fire of light, and such a spirit from the fire of
12.  Now, if the matter of the first fire, wherein
the fire burns, be good, then has the other fire of
light also a good property, savour and source, and
gives also a good, powerful, lovely light, and from
the light's centre also a good and powerful spirit;
and this spirit is the similitude of God, the noble
13.  But if the first fire be evil in its essence, and
has an evil matter in which it burns, then is also
the life's light a false source and a dim shining, as
is to be seen in a sulphurous light;, and the centre