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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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such a matter into its fire, and the fire gives such
a, spirit from itself.
14.  It is now evident what spirit can or cannot
attain the freedom of God.    For the soul's spirit
or the image which has in itself the dim,  dark
property, cannot be capable of the clear light of
God.     Further, if it has in itself fierce wrathful.
essences and  qualities, it  cannot  unite with the
gentleness of God and inqualify with it;  for wrath
is enmity against love and gentleness,  and love
suffers not wrath within it.    Here they are sepa-
rated :   love  thrusts wrath  from  it, and  neither
does wrath desire any more the property of love.
15.  For as soon as lire gives spirit from itself,
it is perfect, and separates into its propmim, be it
a spirit of light,  or a  dark wrathful  sulphurous
spirit.    And into the* same* essence from which it is
gone? out does it desire to return again ; for it is
its property, be it in love or enmity to love.
10. Accordingly we understand what spirits or
souls live in the source of enmity, and how enmity
originally arises, so that a life is at enmity with
itself from the first matter .unto the life's light.
The cause lies in the wheel of Nature, in the seven
spirits or forms, each of* which has its own pro-
perty ; and in whichever property the mind be-
comes enkindled, such u property getteth its soul's
lire together with the will's spirit, which straight-
way aspires after substance and being, how it may
reali'/e that with which the spirit of the will is
17. Now it is necessary to break the earthly