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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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his will-spirit by compulsion and force
wickedness. For here, in this time, thai
sible; because the third principle by tl
which gives gentleness is attached to the <
the inward nature, and holds it captive a
in its quality.
18.  But if the spirit of the soul's will
inward centre of light, breaks off from the
and remains alone, then the soul's spirit
in its property.    For there is little remcci
the spirit of the will have in the time of the
life turned round to God's love, and atta
as a sparkle in the inward centre.    The
thing may be done.   But in what agony an
that is done, experiences full well the sj
love, which has to break down dark fierc
It is purgatory enough to it.     In what
life stands, in terror and anguish, till it
into the sparkle, into the freedom of Go<
deed experiences who departs from this
nakedly with little light.    This, the prose
too wise world regards as a jesting matt
what kind of knowledge it has,  it show
19.  And thus  we  understand  also  th
fall, who was an angel;   how he imagina
into the centre of the first property, an<
great strength and might (as the presei
seeks great might and honour), and dcsj
light of love.   Albeit he supposed the ligi
burn for him thus (and the world also b
supposes the light of God shall burn in it