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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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Eternal and who goeth into the Eternal; he has
only the two worlds in him. The property to which
he turns himself, into that world is he introduced,
and of that world's property will he eternally be,
and enjoy the same; either a source of love from
the light-world of gentleness, or a hostile source
from the dark world.
23.  Here he buds and grows in the middle world
between the light-world and dark world;   he may
give himself up to which he pleases.    The essence
which obtains the dominion in him, whether fierce-
ness or gentleness, the same he embraces, and it
hangs unto  him  and  leads  him;    it  gives   him
morals and will, and unites itself wholly with him ;
and thereinto man brings the spiritual man, viz.
the image which God created from His being, from
all the three principles.
24.  Therefore it is said :   Take the cross upon
thee ; enter into patience, into a meek life.    Do not
what the dark centre of wrath incites thee to, nor
what the  falsehood  and  pleasure  of this  world
entice thee to; but break both their wills.    Neither
provoke any to anger.    For if thou deal falsely,
thou  dost  incense  thy  brother  and  hinder  the
kingdom of God.
25.  Thou shouldst be a leader into the kingdom
of God, and enkindle thy brother with thy love and
meekness, that he may see in thee God's essence
as in a mirror, and thus in thee take hold also with
his imagination.    Doest thou this, then bringest
thou thy soul, thy work, likewise thy neighbour
or brother into God's kingdom, and enlargest the