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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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Christ taught us, saying : If any smite
one cheek, offer him the other also; if a
away thy cloak, withhold not from him 1
also (Matt. v. 39, 40); that he may have i
mirror and retreat into himself, see thy ir
acknowledge thou art God's child, and th;
Spirit leads thee ; that he may learn of t
scend into himself and seek himself. Else
oppose him with defiance and spite, his spite
kindled still more, and at last he thinks he
right to thee. But thus he must certainly r
he doth thee wrong.
26.  And as God's love resists all wick
and the conscience often dissuades from
also thy meekness and patience go to his 1
science, and arraign the conscience in itse"
God's light in the wrath.    In this way
wicked man goes out from his wickedness, <
into himself and seeks himself.    Then God
puts him in mind of thy patience, and sets
his eyes, and so he is drawn thereby into rej
and abstinence.
27.  Not  that   one   should   not   defend
against a murderer or thief,  who would
and steal.    But where one sees that any
upon  unrighteousness,   one  should   set  h
openly with a good light before his eyes, ar
and of good will offer him the Christian
loving heart;  that he may find actually
fact, that it is done out of love-zeal to G
that love and God's will are more to that m
the earthly nature, and that he purposely