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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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THE FOURTH POINT                      57
the dark world remain a hostile poison and death,
the essences being at enmity with themselves.
7.  Thus there are three principles in one another,
and one comprehends not the other; and the eternal
Light cannot be laid hold of by anything, unless
that thing fall into death,  and give its essence
voluntarily to the fire of Nature, and pass with its
essential will out of itself into the Light, and aban-
don itself wholly to the Light;   and desire to will
or to do nothing, but commit its will to the Light,
that the Light may be its will.
8.  Thus the Light seizes it, and it also the Light.
And thus the evil will is given up to the Light, and
the Light gives its power to the malignity, and
makes of the malignity a friendly good will, which
is only a love-desire;   for the gentleness of the
Light has wholly embodied itself in the hostile
9.  So then God's will is done, and the evil is
transformed into good, and God's love shines from
his anger and fierce wrath ;  and no wrath is known
in God's Eternal Nature.    Thus we are to under-
stand how the eternal Light, or the eternal Power-
tree, shines through all the three principles, un-
apprehended by any of them;  for so long as an
essence is out of God's will (viz. the gentle light-
will), so long is it solitary and dwells in itself, and
comprehends nothing of God.    But if it unite itself
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