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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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to God, it will itself be lord. It remains aec
without God, only in itself, and God rems
in himself; and so one dwells in the otl
knows nothing of the other, for one turns its
the other, and sees not the face of the othe
11.  And thus the world of light knows
of the devils, and the devils know nothin
world of light, save only this, that they w
in it.    They represent it to themselves as <
sees in imagination;   although the light-v
longer yields itself up to their imagination
do they imaginate after it, for it terrific:
also they are ashamed about it.
12.  So likewise we are to understand
ing the outer world.     God's light shines
and  through,  but  is  apprehended  only
which  unites  itself thereunto.    Seeing  tl
outer world is as it were dumb and withou
standing in respect of God, therefore it re
its own will, and carries its own spirit :
although God has given it a Nature-god,
sun, into which every being should cast
and desire;   whatever is in this world s
not do so, that remains in itself a great n
and is its own enmity.
13.  And this world is recognized as  e<
principle because it has a Nature-god of
namely the sun;   and yet truly the ligh
Deity shines through   all,  through and
The light of the  sun takes  essence froi
fire, and God's fire from God's light.    And
light of the sun gives this power to the elem