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THE FOURTH POINT                     59
they give it to the creatures, also to the plants of the
earth; and all that is of a good property receives
thus God's power as a lustre through the mirror of
wisdom, from whence it has its growth and life.
14.  For God is present to every being, but not
every being receives him into its essence ; but as in
the mirror of the aspect in the sun's virtue ; for the
sun proceeds from the eighth number.   Its root from
which it receives its brightness is the eternal fire,
but its body is in this world.    Its desire is directed
wholly into this world, in which it shines; but its
first  root  is   in  the  first  world,   in  the   fire  of
God.    This world gives being to its desire, and it
gives its power to being, and fills every being in
this world, as God's light does the divine light-
world.    And if God's fire should burn no more, the
sun would be extinguished,  and also the divine
light-world;   for God's fire gives essence to both,
and is a principle of both.    And if the dark world
were not, neither would these two be ; for the dark
world gives occasion for God's fire.
15.  The three  worlds  must  accordingly  be  in
one  another,  for  nothing  can subsist  without  a
ground.    For the  dark  world  is  the  ground  of
Nature ;  and the eternal unfathomable will, which
is called Father, is the ground of the dark world,
as above set forth.    And the light-world is hidden
in the dark world, and also the dark world in the
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