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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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we stand, and think where we would plunge with
our will. For if we plunge into the earthly craving,
it captures us; and then the qualification of the
abyss is our lord, and the sun our temporal god.
6.  But if we plunge with our will into the world
out of this world, then the light-world captures our
will, and God becomes our lord; and we abandon
the earthly life of this world, and take with us
whatever has come from the light-world into us,
understand, into Adam;   the same is carried out
of this world with the will which becomes one spirit
with God.
7.  Reason   says:    Where   are   then   the   three
worlds ?    It would have absolutely a separation, in
which one were beyond or above the other.    That,
however, cannot possibly be, else the eternal un-
fathomable  Essence were  bound to sever itself.
But how can that sever itself which is a nothing,
which  has no  place,  which  is  itself all?    That
cannot enter into particular existence which has
no ground, which cannot be comprehended, which
dwells in itself and possesses itself; but it  pro-
ceeds out  of itself,  and  manifests itself out of
8.  It makes a thing out of itself, which in itself
is but a will.    In itself it is a spirit, but makes out
of itself a form of spirit, and the form makes a
being according to the property of the spirit.    As
indeed this world is a being, and the inward spirit
possesses it.   He is in every place, yet the place
comprehends him not,  but he comprehends the
place.   The place knows nothing of him, but it