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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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feels him; for he is the power and the *
the place. His will goes through being, an
has no eyes to see him, but he is the seeini
place; and is himself no place or positi
makes for himself an unfathomable positioi
there is no measurement. He is all, and
like to a nothing in comparison with the e
What he gives out of himself, that he posses
he passes not into it, but he is there befoi
occupies the place. The place contains but
tion of his will, as one sees one's form in a
and yet cannot take hold upon it; or as t
shine is not laid hold of in water, yet th
feels it and receives the lustre; or as th
receives power from the sun, so that it
forth fruit. In this way God dwells in all
and permeates and pervades all, yet is laid
by nothing.
9. And as we understand that the eart]
great hunger and desire after the sun's po^
light, in which it draws to itself and 1
susceptible of the sun's power and light,
without desire could not be; in like mann<
nature hungers after the inner, for the <
form arises from the inner. Thus outer
receives in itself the form of the inner as
or power; for it cannot seize the inwarc
inasmuch as he dwells not in the outer, I
sesses himself ir» himself in the inner.