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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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the sun is far from the water, for the water has the
sun's essence and property, else it would not catch
the sun's lustre. Although the sun is a corpus,
yet the sun is also in the water, but not manifest;
the corpus makes the sun manifest in the water.
And we are to know that the whole world would
be nothing but sun, and the locus of the sun would
be everywhere, if God was to kindle and manifest
it; for every being in this world catches the sun's
lustre. There is in all a mirror, that the power
and form of the sun may be received in all that is
animate and inanimate, in all the four elements
and their essence and substance.
11.  And so it is also with the inner light-world.
It dwells in the  outer world,  and this  receives
power from it.    It grows up in the outward power,
and this knows nothing of it;  it only feels the
power,  and  the inward  light it cannot  behold;
only in its life's mirror it receives the reflection
thereof, for the inward power makes in the outward
form a likeness of itself.
12.  And thus then we are to recognize man.    He
is the inner and outer world (the cause, moreover,
of the inner world in himself), and, so far as belongs
to him, also the dark world.    He is all three worlds ;
and if he remain standing in co-ordination, so that
he introduce not one world into the other, then he
is God's likeness.
13.  He should introduce the form or the mirror
of the light-world into the outer world, and also
into the inmost dark world, and bring the power
of the middle or light-world into the mirror, and