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66                 SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS
more any mirror of the sun, but is imprisoned in
the wrathful dark earth.
16.  So it is also with human life.    As long as
it imaginates after God's Spirit, it receives God's
power and light, and knows God.    But when it
imaginates   after   earthliness   or   after   the   dark
world's property, it receives the essence of earthli-
ness and of the dark world, and becomes filled
with the same.    Then is life's mirror shut up in
darkness, and loses the mirror of God, and must
be born anew.
17.  As we know that Adam thus made the pure
mirror earthly, and lost God's power and light,
which Christ, God's Son, restored again, and broke
open the earthly darkness, and forcibly introduced
the mirror of God.
18.  Thus we recognize how the holy tree grows
through all things, and out of all beings ;   but is
apprehended by no being, save only in the mirror
of purity, as in the pure life of man ;   which life
desires that tree, and it can be apprehended in
no dark life.    This then is the fourth point.