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70                 SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS
clear brightness is able to arise; but the freedom
out of Nature is a cause of such shining. Whatever
yields itself up to Nature,, yet desires not Nature's
property but freedom,, that becomes enkindled in
its flash of life by freedom, in the way the second
Principle has enkindled itself.
10.  Thus we understand how a life perishes, that
is, how it introduces itself in anguish and torment
into darkness; namely, when it will be its own lord
and desires plurality.    If it will not give itself up
to death, then it cannot attain any other world.
11.  For every life arises in the torment of anguish,
in Nature, and has no light in itself, except it enter
into that which gives birth to Nature;  there it
receives light.
12.  For all that is in Nature is dark  and  in
anguish, as is to be recognized by this world.   Were
the sun to be taken away, there would be nothing
but anguish and darkness.    And therefore God put
himself in motion, so as to give a light to this world,
that the external life might be in light.
13.  But as regards the inner life of the soul, it
has another form.    This inner life can the external
not attain.    Hath the soul's fire not God's light,
neither can the soul's will enter into God's light;
it must remain in the  darkness  of the  Eternal
14.  External Reason thinks, if the outward eye