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THE FIFTH POINT                        71
the terrible fire-flash in the horror, in the darkness ;
it can see nowhere else.
15.  Therefore it often happens when the poor
captive soul beholds itself in the inward root, and
thinks what will follow when for it the external
mirror breaks, that it is terrified, and plunges the
body in fear and doubt.
16.  For it can look nowhere where its eternal rest
might be, but it finds that it is in itself in utter
unrest, moreover in a darkness; it has the external
mirror only by way of loan.
17.  As long as the soul is in this body, it may
indeed make shift with the sun-mirror, for the sun
has in its root the inner fire as the principle of the
Father.    From this fire the soul receives a lustre or
mirror in the essence of the body, so that it is able
thus in this earthly, transitory life to be in joy.
But when the external mirror breaks, that is at an
end ; and the soul's fire goes into the eternal house
of mourning, into the centre of darkness.
18.  The soul has in the time of the outer body
three mirrors or eyes of all the three worlds.    The
mirror to which it turns itself, by that does it see.
But it has no more than one as a natural right,
namely the fire-flash, the fourth form of the dark
world, where the two inward worlds separate (one
into the darkness, the other into the light), and
where its eternal origin is.    The world into which
the soul it.s will   in tin A eaw^ i-f- w/»Aitr»o