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74                  SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS
Deity not turned towards it, in which the spirit
of the will of the poor captive soul may recover
itself, and regenerate itself therein.
26.  For in the mirror of the light-world the in-
carnation of Christ is presented to the soul's spirit;
and the Word that became man stands in sound,
and is in action.    Therein may the soul's spirit
Recover itself and generate itself anew ; else it were
often past help with the poor soul,  when it is
immersed in wrath and in the poison of the dark
27.  And thus we understand at bottom what
the destruction of the noble tree, or of the image of
God, is, namely this :
28.  The  entire man is in his  being the three
worlds.    The soul's centre, viz. the root of the soul's
fire, contains the dark world;   and the soul's fire
contains the first Principle as the true fire-world.
And the noble image, or the tree of divine growth,
which is generated from the soul's fire and buds
forth through fierce wrathful death in freedom or
in the world of light, contains the light-world or the
second Principle.    And the  body,  which in the
beginning was created out of the mixed substance
which at creation arose from the light-world, the
dark world and the fire-world, contains the outer
world or the third mixed Principle.
29.  The right soul is the spirit of these three