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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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THE FIFTH POINT                      75
In the outer world it is the spirit of air, as also of
fire and water, and may be used as man pleases,
all unto the great wonders.
30. Thus is man according to the particular person
the great mystery in the three worlds.    The world
to which he turns himself, in which he produces
fruit, the   same   is   lord  in  him, and this world
becomes manifest in him;  the other two remain
hidden.    As fire is hidden in wood, so light or the
light-world remains hidden in the wrathful dark
world;   as also in malignity, in the. distemper of
the inner world in the outer world.
31.  But if the light-world cannot become mani-
fest in man so as to be lord, then the soul at the
breaking of the outer world remains only in the
dark world; for there it is no longer possible for
the light-world to be kindled.   There is for the light
no longer any mirror that were turned towards the
soul.    The heart of God is not manifest therein,
nor eternally can be (for the dark world must be,
else the light would not be manifest);  but here in
this world that may be.
32.  And though a soul be plunged in the deepest
abyss, and lies in the wrath of God, yet in the
external light of the sun it has before it the light-
mirror wherein the divine power reveals itself, as
also the mirror of the incarnation of Christ, which
in the inner dark world never is known.