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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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buds forth with its twig in this corrupt
outer nature, and bears such fruit.
37.  By this should every one learn to kt
self, he need only search for his distinctive j
To whatever his will constantly drives hin
kingdom does he stand;   and he is not 
he accounts himself and pretends to b
creature of the dark world, viz. a greedy
proud bird, a lustful animal, a fierce sei
envious toad full of poison.    All these f
spring in him, and are his wood from whic
burns.    When the outer wood, or the sub
four elements,  abandons him at his de*
the inner poisonous evil quality alone ren
38.  What figure now must stand in such a
None else but what was strongest arnon
properties ;  this is figured by the hellisl
his form, as a venomous serpent, a dog
beast.    The property to which the spirit c
has given itself up, that same property is ;
the soul's image.    And this is one part.
39.  Further,  man should prove or tr
in his desire (for every man has these evil ]
in him), to see whether he find in himself s
longing to kill this poison and malignity;
he be enemy to this poison ; or whether h
delight in continually putting the false p<
operation, viz. in pride, covetousness, en