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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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But he bears not God's but the serpent's image;
and is only in the external kingdom a likeness to an
image of man, so long as he remains in this property,
so that this property is supreme lord.
41.  But if he find strife and combat within him,
that his inner will always, yea hourly, fights against
these evil properties, suppresses them, and suffers
them not to attain to evil being; that he would fain
always do well, and yet finds thslt these evil pro-
perties hinder him, so that he cannot accomplish
what he would;  and finds the desire for abstinence
and repentance, that a perpetual desire after God's
mercy springs in him,  so that he would gladly
do well if he could:
42.  This man may think and assuredly know
that God's fire glimmers in him, and continually
labours towards the light.    It would fain burn, and
is always giving essence for flame; but is quenched
by the evil humidity of this world, which Adam
has introduced into us.
43.  But   when  the   outer   evil   body  with  its
vapours perishes, so that it can no longer obstruct
the glimmering wick, then the divine fire becomes
enkindled in its essence, and the divine image is
figured according to the strongest quality which
tht man has here carried in his desire.    If, however,
he continue not in the above-mentioned warfare,
but drops the struggle, he may again deteriorate
most dangerously.
44.  The third proof and trial is this, that a man
recognize in what being or figure he stands.   If
he find that he hath a constant desire after God,