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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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THE FIFTH POINT                      79
and in his desire is so strong that'he can again
break and transform into gentleness the evil
essences, as often as for him a quality becomes
enkindled ; that he is able to let all go that shines
and glitters in this world ; that he can do good for
evil; that he hath full mastery over all his worldly
substance, be it money or goods, ^to give, thereof
to the needy and for God's truth to abandon it all;
and freely and willingly for God's sake resign him-
self to misery in assured hope of that which is
eternal: for him the divine power flows, so that he
may kindle the light of the kingdom of joy therein;
he tastes what God is. He is the most undoubted
man, and carries the divine image with heavenly
essence in himself even in the time of the outer
45.  There Jesus is born of the Virgin, and that
man never dies.    He lets pass from him only the
earthly kingdom, which was to him in this time
an opposition and hindrance, with which God has
concealed him.    For God will not cast pearls before
swine;  they are hidden in Him.
46.  This same new man dwells not in this world ;
neither doth the devil know him, only he is hostile
to his essence, which contains the inward centre;
for it impedes him that his will is not done.   And
therefore he incites the evil  animal-men against
him, to vex and persecute him, so that the true
humanity remains concealed.