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80               - SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS

Of the right human essence from God's
1.  The right true human essence is not earthly,
nor from the dark world;   it is generated only in
the light-world; it has no communion or fellowship
with the dark world, nor with the outer world ;
there is a great bar, viz. death, between them.
2.  Not that there is nothing of the true essence
in the external man.    It is there ;  for it was given
to Adam in his image.    But it is shut up and lies
in death, and cannot qualify ;   neither has it any
motion in itself, unless it become quick in the power
of the Deity.    As it became quick in the Virgin
Mary by God's motion and entrance ;   there the
right human essence came again to life.
3.  So also in us the right human essence is not
stirring, except we be born of God in Christ.
4.  In the baptism of infants the Word of God
enters  into union and connection  with them in
the covenant, and is the first stirring in this world ;
as a smouldering in wood that begins to glimmer,
but the wicklet is often after darkened and extin-
guished.   Moreover, in many a child that is begotten