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introduced, which is earth; but to the part which
was given to Adam from the angelic world, which
he corrupted and poisoned with the earthly crav-
ing, for in the craving earthly, coarse, animal flesh
was produced.
11.  This part has the right human essence, and
in this part God became man.    And this same
part has the ground of the angelic world, for it
takes its origin from the angelic world.
12.  But if most frequently godless parents are
immersed wholly in the wrath of God, and so beget
children in the wrath ;   then is their seed shut
up in death, and has in it nothing of the right
human essence, which is moving, save only what
the constellation in the spirit majoris mundi has
in  itself.    There certainly the divine  power has
some movement;   but  the  wrath's power exists
as opposite, and is heavy.    Nevertheless, there is
no impossibility;  for the incarnation of God, his
becoming  man, is presented to all souls in the
life's light.
13.  But baptism contains something else.    God's
essence (as the water of eternal life born of God's
gentleness) must move the  right human essence
(with Adam shut up in death), and yield itself up
there as a new life or a living essence.    God's water
must baptize; the Holy Spirit must be the operant.
14.  But I say, according to my knowledge, that
the water of eternal life, upon which the Holy
Spirit broods, will hardly yield itself up to the
poison of wrath and death, where there is not an
essence of desire [toward God].