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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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15.  I say, then, that a child (as soon as :
in the womb) is, so far as the divine e
moving in the heavenly part, already ba]
the Holy Spirit,  and attains the incari
Christ.    For baptism depends not on th
power, that the Holy Spirit should wait u
The incarnation of Christ waited not up
power,   but upon the goal that  God  s<
covenant.    This goal was blessed.    Ther
angel   said  to   Mary:    Blessed  art   thoi
women.    The goal lay in her,  and was
and blessed her also when God's heart t
the goal.
16.  This goal reached back to Adam,
ward to the last man.    When God beca
the goal was awakened in the heavenly p
only in Mary, but also in Adam and Ev<
their children who had given themselves uj
these were all blessed in the goal.
17.  For that is the covenant of grace vt
established with Adam and Eve.    This
is in all human essence, but not in devilis]
18.  But baptism is the seal that God ;
the covenant, as in the old testament circ
In baptism God gives divine water to tt
race as a pledge and seal;   but the co
already  there  before  baptism;   it  was
paradise, yea before the foundation of t]
AŤ snrm   a.R a. amil  is ftt.irrincy in  t.hf^ wr>ml