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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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heart of man.    Why does man suffer this
stroy himself, so that his essence becomes
seed, and yields weeds to the fire in the
God ?    It is not all attributable to the g
depends on the field.    Many a noble grain
in the evil field's essence.    The heavens
sun give life and power to all growth,
makes  no   weeds, neither  desires  any;
essence   in   the   field   makes   oftentimes
thing, and destroys the good.
23.  So also in man.    Many a curse stic
one wishes the other, when the other has ]
it, and is apt for it; as indeed is commo
godless married people, one wishing the c
devil and hell-fire.    If then they both be
should not then their godless will be re
them, by their begetting godless children
is not anything that is good in them, w!
thing then shall come out of them ?     V
God do to this?    He sets his word and
before them, and announces to them their
tion.    If  they will not regard  it,  let   1
whither they please.    So too is their seed ;
many a child is born a thistle and evil b<
is baptized in the wrath of God.
24.  For, of what essence the soul's spi
such an essence it receives also the divin
in the covenant:   one in the power of
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