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86                 SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS
Often the father and mother, as also the 1
are  godless,  and  only evil  beasts, and
no real earnestness.    The outward pomp
money is the main point with them;  they
the  mystery.   Here  the  child  is  wholly
property   of   wrath.    Who   then   shall   I
None other than the wrath of God in his c<
for that men do but make a mock of it.
26.  Thus the source of wrath  seizes  1
spirit, works powerfully in it, and brings fo
to perdition.   As St. Paul says of the oth<
ment, that the wicked man receives it un
ment, not discerning the Lord's body (1 Cor
That is, he distinguishes not in himself the 1
part of his essence from the earthly, to put
into the heavenly and offer this up to Gc
deems all common, as an ox cats the foddt
27.  Therefore the wrath of God springs ir:
that he doth not break off his will from the
and repent of his wickedness.    His heavei
cannot become partaker  of  God's body,
he cannot awaken  the  essence  of the ,1
part.     Thus it has   no  mouth to reeeiv
body, the mouth  being shut up in  deal
earthly part, however, receives Christ's be
according to the property of wrath, aoco
the property of the dark world ; for the tc