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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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perdition. God's covenant is never moved without
fruit. God works in his covenant according to his
29.  As is the soul which moves the covenant, so
is the medicament in the covenant., and in such a
power the Spirit of God works in love and wrath ;
for he is the spirit of every life, and assimilates
himself to every life.     He is in every thing  as
the thing's will and property is, for one property
seizes the other.    What the soul wills, that he wills
also, and thereinto the soul enters.
30.  It is all magical;   what the will of a thing
wills, that it receives.    A toad takes only poison
into itself, though it sit in the best apothecary's
shop ; the like also does a serpent.    Every thing
takes only its own property into itself; and though
it eat the  substance  of a good  property, yet it
converts all in itself into its own property.    Though
a toad should eat honey, yet this becomes poison
in it.    As indeed the devil was an angel;   but
when he willed nothing good, his heavenly essence
became to him hellish  poison,  and his  evil will
remained evil one time as another.
31.  We are therefore highly to consider our life,
what we would do and be at.    We have evil and
good in us.    The one wherein we draw our will,
its essence becomes active in us;   and such a pro-
perty we draw also from without into us.    We
have the two Mysteries, the divine and the devilish
in us, of the two eternal worlds, and also of the
outer world.    What we make of ourselves, that we
are;  what we awaken in ourselves, that is moving