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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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and yet there Is no killing ; but the gre
strife is, the greater becomes their mi
4.  And therefore it is called an etenu
and enmity, where nothing but contrariet
For there is nothing that could abolish tl
nothing that could hold in check a sing
The more it were resisted, the greater M
the fierceness;  like a fire that is stirred,
it burns but the more.
5.  Thus  the   fierce   wrathful   kingdom
extinguished by nothing, save only by Go<
by which it becomes wholly gentle, lovely
of joy.    And neither can that be ;   for it-
kingdom were to be kindled with the light,
would have no root to its nature and pro]
lire  could be generated,  neither were  tl]
light, nor any power, but all were a nothii
0. Hence the kingdom of wrath must I
is a cause of the fire-world and light-world
is God's. But all is not acknowledged as
God, as the dark world has another propc
the light-world is a cause of the fierceness ai
of the dark property ; for the darkness is
at the light, and stands in eternal terror
the light-world dwells in it. It trembles <
before the light, and yet cannot apprehend
is only a cause of life and of movement. J
all must be subservient to the glory of God
7. The life of darkness has many form
not one and the same property. As w<
recognize by the creatures of this world, w