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sistence in a different source from the other; who
nevertheless all live in the sun's power and light,
by which they are meekened.
8.  But if the sun were to be extinguished, then
would the deep be wrathful and stinging.    Then
we should soon see the property of the dark world,
how all creatures  would become poisonous   and
9.  For every life is rooted in poison.    The light
alone resists the poison, and yet is a cause that the
poison lives and faints not.
10.  We are therefore to recognize that the life
of darkness is only a fainting poison, like a dying
source;   and   yet there is no dying there.    For
the light-world stands opposed to the mirror of
darkness,   whereby  the   darkness  is  eternally in
11.  The dark life is like a terror, where the flash
and terror is always mounting upwards, as if it
would quit the life and fly out above it.    And hence
arises pride, so that the devil is always wishing
to be above God; it is his proprium, his life's figure
is so, and he cannot do otherwise.    Just as a poison
rages and pierces, as if it would break loose from
the member;
12.  So is the life  of darkness in itself.    The
poisonful essences make such an inward disposi-
tion, and from the disposition  proceeds  such a
will-spirit.    There is such a property therein, and
consists of seven forms, according to the centre of
Nature with its principle.    As the life of joy con-
sists of seven forms by right of Nature, so also