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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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image is not recognized in him. He aims only at
how he may storm and rage against God, as if he
were a foreign thing, or a foreign power, as if he
had a foreign kingdom; whereas he is poor, and
the dark kingdom is not his, but he is only a
prisoner in it. It is God's abyss; he is only a crea-
ture therein. He would be lord therein, and yet
is but a juggler with the fierceness; although he
must act according to the property. And this is
also a wonder before the stern might of eternity.
It is as a sport wherewith the stern might hath
its dissipation, by which it is distinguished what
evil or good, joy or sorrow, is; and that the
creatures in the light-world have cause to humble
themselves. And yet God created no devil, nor
destined Lucifer for the dark world. But this is
enmity in Lucifer, that he was an angel, and
that the light is so near him that he became an
15.  There is no pain in the creatures which have
been created in the dark world ;x for they are of the
fierce wrathful property, and know nothing of the
light.    Fierceness is their strength and might, and
enmity their will and life.    The  more  evil and
hostile a creature is in the dark world, the greater
is its might.    As the powerful tyrants of this world
often exhibit their power in malignity, so that men
must fear them, or as tame animals are afraid of
ferocious ones; so has this likewise a property in
the dark world.
16.  If we will rightly consider the property of
the dark world, let us look upon the malice and