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all malice, falsehood, pride and covetousness has
its root from the dark world ; it is the property of
the dark world, whether it be recognized in men or
17. For this world rests upon the foundation of
the dark world. The dark world gives to this world
essence, will and quality. And had not the good
been introduced also at creation, there would be
no other doing or will in this world than in the dark
world. But the divine power and the sun's light
hinder that. As is to be seen among men and
beasts, how there is a biting, hating and striking,
and an arrogant self-will, each wishing to rule
over the other, to kill and devour the other, and
elevate itself alone ; also to trample upon every-
thing with guile, wrath, malice and falsehood, and
make itself lord.
13. In like manner the dark world has such a
property. What all wicked men in this world do
in their malice and falsehood, that also the devils
do in the dark world ; and what the poisonous evil
worms and beasts in their malignity do, that also
the other creatures do in the dark world. Though
they are without such a body, yet they have such
a property in their spiritual body; and though
they have a body, yet it is after the fashion of
spirit, as the devils have one.
19. The  birth, being, essence and  dominion of
the dark world lies principally  in the first  four
brms of Nature, viz. in the source of anguish, in
tn   exceedingly   strong   and   powerful   dominion,
vsrhere all in the essence is divulged.    For gentleness