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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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against the other.
20.  Else,  if they  should  be  one,  there would
necessarily be but one quality;   and if there were
also only one will, the eternal wonders could not
become manifest.    But the manifold quality makes
the eternal wonders manifest.    For eternity could
not otherwise become manifest, nor attain to being,
save through the enkindling, viz. in the stern harsh
attraction in which the dark world stands, and in
which the fire-world and also the light-world take
their rise.   All is only a single essence or substance,
but it separates itself into three properties.    One
property is not separated from the other, but each
gives the other;   as is to be seen in fire and light,
as also in the matter from which the fire burns.
21.  And  man  need  not  search  deeper, for he
is himself the essence of all beings.    But because
he has in his creation turned aside from his original
order, and introduced and awakened another quality
in himself, it is necessary for him to inquire how
he may re-enter into his eternal order and quality,
and generate  himself anew.    And then,  how he
may extinguish the fierce wrathful quality which
is moving in him, for all is active in him and draws
him, both evil and good.   Therefore he should learn
how to resist wrath, and walk in meekness, in the
quality of light and of love.
22.  Man, moreover, has no law except he enkindle
himself in the dark world's property,  and walk
according to this property.   Independently of that,
all is free to him.   Whatsoever he doth in meekness
and love is without restriction for him, and is his