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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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23.  All that is grown from one root is and belongs
to one tree, it is but one manner of fruit; un-
less it corrupt   itself,   so   that   the very essence
24.  As long as a thing remains in the essence
from which it arose, it has no law;  but if it with-
draw  therefrom   into   another   quality,   the   first
quality hangs unto it, and is in conflict with the
other.    And then law ensues, that it should return
again into that which it originally was, and be
one, not two;  for one thing should exercise only
one dominion, not two.   Man was created in the
dominion of love and gentleness, as in God's Being,
and therein he was to remain.
25.  But because he has awakened another do-
minion,  viz. fierce wrath,  he  is  now in combat
and strife, and has laws, that he may mortify and
abandon the fierceness, and be in one dominion
again.    Since  then  both  dominions   are   become
powerful in him, and the dominion of wrath has
overpowered love, he must wholly break to pieces
in substance, and be re-born again from the first
root.   And therefore he has in this twofold being
laws, how he should conduct himself and generate
a will-spirit unto the eternal dominion.
26.  All this lies in his power.    He may bring
forth the spirit of wrath or the spirit of love, and in
accordance with the same he is separated whither
and into which world he belongs ;  for he separates
27.  But the law continues over him as long as he