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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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rates from this field of the body, it is in one dominion
again, where it shall remain eternally; for after
that there is nothing more to give it law, inasmuch
as it is wholly one in its will, either to do evil
or good.
28.  But in this external life man is in combat and
strife.   Two dominions, qualities and laws repose in
him.   The divine unto love and righteousness; and
the wrathful in the rising of pride in the power of
fire, in the stern, harsh, hellish covetousness, envy,
aijger and malice.    The one to which the spirit
unites itself,  of that dominion it is.    The other
hangs unto it, and reproaches it to its face as a
perjured wretch and an apostate;  but neverthe-
less draws it, and will have it.    Thus life is in a
desperate strait between the two, and is at odds
with itself.
29.  But if it resolve rashly, and abandon itself
wholly to the wrath, then the fierce wrath destroys
the first image according to God.    And if it can-
not entirely, because the divine power hinders that,
then it would cast the whole man headlong;  and
many a one is plunged into despair in this anguish,
so that he lays violent hands on himself.
30.  Thus the soul with the image falls unto the
wrathful, dark world;   and the image is brought
into a hellish figure, into a form of its property
which it had here.    So it fared also with the devils,
who have lost their first image.
31.  Every devil has an image according to his
property,  according to the figure of the wrath,
in accordance with its quality;  like as there are