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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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also the lost soul to expect.
32.  External Reason supposes that hell  is  far
from us.    But it is near us.    Every one carries
it in himself, unless he kill the hellish poison with
God's power, and bud forth therefrom as a new
twig,  which the  hellish  quality  cannot  seize   or
touch (riigeri).
33.  Though indeed the fierceness of hell is recog-
nized   more   in   one   place   than   in   another,   all
according to the hellish dominion, where the upper
dominion is powerful in various places in the locus
of this world; all according to the first enkindling
of King Lucifer, as in many places of the earth,
as also in the deep between the  stars and the
earth, is the hellish quality to be discerned above
other places, where the  inner fierceness  extends
to the external principle.    Here then are distinct
dominions   of   devils,   also   of  the   other   hellish
properties; here the fierce wrath of God has strongly
inflamed itself, and now burns until the judgment
of God.
34.  Every man carries heaven and hell within
him in this world.   The property which he awakens,
the same burns in him, and of that fire is the soul
susceptible.    And when the body dies,  the  soul
needs to go nowhither, but it is committed to the
hellish dominion of which it is the property.   Those
devils who are of its property await it, and receive
it into their dominion until the judgment of God.
And though they are confined to no place,  yet
they belong to the same dominion, and the same
quality  they   have   everywhere.    Wherever  they