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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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for the abyss has no place, neither time nor space.
As it was before the times of the world, when there
was no place; so it is and remains so eternally
in the abyss.
35, And though the place of this world was
given to Lucifer for a kingdom (for he was created
therein), yet he has been cast out from place and
position, and dwells in the abyss, where he can
never reach any place of the angelic kingdom ; but
is shut up in his own realm in the abyss, where he
must bear eternal reproach as a prisoner. As is
done to a malefactor, who is put into a dark dungeon
away from all the beings of this world, where he
must do without any mundane joy or pleasure,
and bear the reproach of his crime.
86. So it fares also with the devils, and with
all damned souls, who lie captive in the dark prison.
Nor do they desire to come out, because of the
great reproach of their horrible form and image.
And wherever they go, yet they never enjoy any
good ; there is among them no refreshment. But
they lie in hell as the dead, or as eternally hungry,
fainting and thirsty; and are only an evil poison-
source. All is to them adverse and contrary.
They have only a thirst after anguish and malice ;
these they devour eternally, and bring forth
blasphemies upon themselves. The more horrible
they can make their figure, the more pleasing
that is to them. Like buffoons, who on earth
would fain be always the greatest fools, give them-
selves a hideous appearance, and have their deligl '
therein; so they do also eternally in hell, an