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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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it cannot alone have all, it stings like a poison, and
begrudges anything to any one. Its will in all
things is either to draw to itself and possess alone,
or to rage therein with an evil wilL (4) The fourth
race is anger, which is the son of envy. What it
cannot attain with evil will, that it enkindles in the
fire of wrath, and breaks it by force. It brings
about war and slaughter, and would destroy every-
thing. This race would subdue all by violence.
3.  These,  then,   are  the  four  elements  of the
devil, all which four are in one another as one.
One proceeds from the other, and one gives birth
to the other.    They take their origin from the dark
Nature, viz. from sour, bitter, anguish and fire.
4.  But seeing God's power is for them an opposi-
tion,   so  that in this world  they  have  not  full
dominion, they have  generated a crafty son, by
whom they rule, who is called Falsehood.  He takes
the coat of divine colours upon him, that he may
not be known;   and wishes to be called a son of
truth and virtue, but is an impostor.    He speaks
in one way, and thinks and acts in another.    He
carries the lustre of God on his tongue, and the
devil's power and poison in his heart.
5.  This is king on earth, and manages two king-
doms.    The first is called perdition;   the second
Babel,   a  confusion.    The  kingdom   of  perdition
this king has clothed with strength and might;   it
is the garment  of that kingdom.    On the other
kingdom, Babel, he has put a white shining gar-
ment.    That must be to it in place of God, and with
that the king rules on earth as if he were God.    And