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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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that nothing shall be on a level with it; it will
be alone the fairest child in the house. It has put
on the coat of dissimulation, and would be called
righteous; people must honour it and bow them-
selves before it. Nothing must compare itself to
it. It will be lord, and says: I am modest in my
12. But its heart is covetousness. That is the
wolf, and devours the sweat and labour of the
wretched. Pride mounts up above all. It explores
daily the wonders of God, to see how it may dis-
semble and play the hypocrite. It affects to be
friendly and chaste, as if it were a virgin full of
modesty; and yet is a strumpet full of flaws, and
at heart hates all virtue, chastity and righteous-
ness. It is a perpetual enemy of love and humility.
Whatever is simple, that it despises; and yet
forces the simple under its yoke. It says to the
real true man : Thou art my dog, I will hunt thee
whither I list. Thou art foolish, and I am wise;
and it is itself the biggest fool. It forfeits God and
the kingdom of heaven for a little while's delight of
the eyes; it plunges itself into darkness, and puts
on the coat of anxiety.
IS. The second virtue of this King Falsehood
is covetousness. This draws all to itself, and
darkens the shining adornment of pride. It draws
to itself evil and good promiscuously, and continu-
ally fills pride full. And when it has filled it, it
takes its son envy and torments pride therewith,
so that it has no rest in its splendour. Envy
stings incessantly in the desiring covetousness, as